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ESA Electrostatic printing assist ESA Electrostatic printing assist

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The Heliofurn-System is a non-contact electrostatic printing aid for avoiding so called "missing dots" during gravure printing. These "missing dots" are places in the print where ink from the ink cells of the gravure cylinder is not transferred to the web


Missing dots

Our Heliofurn systems comply with
the latest EC directives

ATEX 2014/34/EU
Ex eb ib IIB T6 Gb

     without      /       with

Printing materials:

All types and grades of paper

All types of plastic films




Decisive benefits:

Line pressure can be reduced by up to 50%. This lowers energy costs and increases the lifetime of the impression rollers.

The gravure depth can easily be reduced by up to 40%. This saves ink and reduces the burden on the recovery system.

The polarisation (spread) of the ink can be set in a range from 0–100%.

Easy to install

Systems require almost no maintenance

Guaranteed printing at reduced print width and with conductive paper


Ink systems:

Toluene-based inks

Alcohol-based inks

Ethyl acetate-based inks

Water-based inks



● All functions are electronically monitored

● Electrical control via 2-wire-bus-system

● On-line monitoring of the impression roller

● All components are built as 19"-rack modules

● Easy installation

● No specialists are required for operation and maintenance

● The system can be configured to smoothly function with the latest technology (software)

● A wide variety of information available for specific protocols and analysis

● Compatible with all SR charging systems


Charging systems:
Heliofurn H-35

Contact free transfer of the electrostatic load over the complete length of the 2 or 3-layer impression roller. Easy to install.


   Impression rollers for H-35

Heliofurn H-92

H-92 or ESA-2000
Maintenance free side loading device with guaranteed print out for reduced web width.


   Impression rollers for H-92
   Impression rollers for ESA-2000

Heliofurn H-98

short inductor electrode with a length of only 1/6 of the 3-layer impression roller width.  Guaranteed print out for reduced web width. Easy to install. Nearly maintenance free system.


   Impression rollers for H-98

Heliofurn Florentil

Florentil - in package printing with impression roller sleeve system
This novel innovation on the world market is comprised of an almost maintenance-free side-loading system, constructed on the basis of the powerful ESA-2000 loading principle, which has been tried-and-tested over many years.

- more-or-less maintenance free loading of the impression roller

- reduced soiling of the impression roller from spray mist

- no bearing isolation => longer lifetime of the impression roller bearing

- ESA and ESD impression roller in one unit

- Conformity to standards (ATEX) fulfilled completely

- High resistance bandwidth and production tolerances of the ESA sleeve impression roller

- Longer maintenance cycles of the impression roller using tried-and-tested ESA 2000 side-loading technology with a maximum loading voltage of 3,000 volts

- Can be retrofitted to existing machines

  Technical information [pdf]:
Discharging system:

There are ionisers located on the in and outlet of the printing unit, to discharge the web.

Control section:

Touch Screen
The comfortable touch screen can be controlled directly on the screen. Here you can find all units on one sight. All changes of the operating parameters are clearly displayed.


Control section

Control section (per printing unit)
Controls all the settings and operating parameters.

High voltage section:
High voltage section

High voltage section (per printing unit)
Includes the bus interface, AC generator (ionizing) and DC generator (static).