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For more than 50 years, the team of experts at Spengler Electronic AG has been researching, developing and producing electrostatic applications using innovative technology for practical, user-friendly solutions. Spengler applications perform important functions in industry. Around the world, the Swiss company has developed from a pioneer to a leading specialist.

Reliable quality control is characteristic of all Spengler products. Consulting, planning, installation and service are carried out by specialist staff with industrial experience. Expertise and a close relationship to its customers give Spengler Electronic a solid foundation for developing efficient and cost-effective system solutions.

You can easily contact Spengler in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the UK, the USA, Japan, China, Singapore and South Africa. You will be amazed at how many solutions we can offer.


Alfred Doppler

Walter Spengler



Managing Director  Alfred Doppler

Alfred Doppler is especially keen to establish a close relationship with customers. He and his carefully selected team of experts can boast deep expertise in the field.
The many problems which occur due to electrostatic effects in industrial and production plants are a real challenge, and the team uses technology for the future to continue the company’s long and successful history.

The founder  Walter Spengler  

Walter Spengler invented contact-free electrostatic assist systems for printing, and paved the way for numerous electrostatic applications for use in explosive environments in the printing industry, and these are now the global standard.